Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Basics: Mandy

Name: Mandy

Age: 24 and on the brink of hitting my quarter life crisis

Fun Facts:

Sign: Virgo (barely)

Favorite Sport: Dodgeball – ( Yes, it’s a sport, don’t judge)

Favorite Food: Tropical Dots

Hobbies: Baking, crafting, people watching, sparkles, MTV’s the State, writing letters, making mixed CD’s, eating frozen yogurt, alternative big kid sports, running, post scripts

I’m usually thinking about: if I were making the soundtrack to my life what song would be playing right now.


Height: 5’10 – Hence my complete and utter inability to wear heals

Hair color: after finally ditching my goth-ish black hair… I am now a completely normal shade of golden brown

Eye color: brown with a twinkle of hope in them

Things I find attractive on the opposite sex/first things I notice:
  • Hygiene – are you slightly unkempt or dirty, yet still socially acceptable?
  • Facial hair – I’ve grown to love a good beard or an ironic (well kept) mustache – though not a requirement, on the right person, I love it.
  • Eyes – Yes, this is very cliché but it’s on everyone’s list for a reason. You can’t deny that beautiful eyes can make your heart melt.
  • Someone that can make me laugh. Not just a polite chuckle but a belly laugh that makes your sides ache.
Dating history:
Well, my average number of dates per person tends to hover around 3 or 4. Is this by choice? Sometimes yes but mostly no. I think I might have “why aren’t they calling me back?” syndrome that many women suffer from. I’ve also discovered that people I have no interest in, love me. While those who make my heart go a flutter, stand clear.

Why I’m doing this:
My life often plays out like a sitcom, so why not share it with the world. Now, if only my life had a laugh track….

Perhaps this blog will:
  1. Help me observe my dating habits
  2. Make me reexamine the type of person that I would like to be dating
  3. Finally validate that yes, it is in fact them and not me
  4. Confirm my biggest fear that it is me and not them.
Dating plan:
I have decided to explore ALL methods of dating. I am going to try my hand at:
  • Online dating
  • Speed dating
  • Self-help dating books
  • Blind dates
  • Bars/social events

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